Can the Botched Doctors Help This Professional “Sugar Baby” With Her “Expanding Nipple Problem”?

The Botched doctors seem to work miracles, but they can’t help everyone!

Sugar Queen Nina has worked very hard for the big boobs of her dreams. However, after going under the knife four times for her 1,600 cc sized-breasts, the professional girlfriend had an “expanding nipple problem.” Understandably, this left Nina very concerned about her well-being!

“I just want to make sure that it’s okay, like, it’s healing okay, because the areola is so large now,” Nina relayed to Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif.

Apparently, the big breast enthusiast’s body rejected the Gore-Tex suture material on her left breast, which was initially put in to help keep the areola from expanding. Although Nina was “really, really worried” about what happened to her nipples, she was also concerned that the botched job would stand in the way of her further increasing her breast size!

And it appears that Nina’s instincts were correct as, after an examination, Dr. Dubrow revealed that Nina had two options: put in another Gore-Tex and hope the stretched out skin doesn’t “spit out” the suture material OR take out the implants and downsize her breasts.

“Hearing what the doctors had to say today is a little disappointing,” Nina noted in a confessional. “At this point I just have to accept my body doesn’t like Gore-Tex and I don’t like going smaller.”

“Looks like I’ll be stuck with these sugar babies a little bit longer,” Nina concluded.

Pageant guru Joey was in the business of making stars before learning he had cancer in 2012. After undergoing chemotherapy to combat lymphoma, Joey went into remission, but sadly the treatment took a toll on his body.

“So before the chemo, I was maintaining a weight of 150 pounds. After, I went down to 118 pounds,” Joey explained. “I went to my doctor and he said my muscle mass got affected by the chemo.”

In an attempt to bulk up, Joey had silicone biceps implanted. His surgery did not go according to plan, as his “left bicep seemed to develop a lot of fluid.” After having the arm drained four times, Joey realized his bicep was also shrinking!

Trusting in his doctor once more, Joey went under the knife again and asked for tricep implants to be added as well. This procedure was botched too, as the triceps seemed more like “thigh” implants.

Although Joey hoped the doctors could smooth out his arms and give him triceps that fit his body, Dr. Dubrow had somewhat disappointing news to share. Due to the complicated nature of the procedure, “guys like” Drs. Dubrow and Nassif “don’t do this kind of surgery.”

Upon further examination of Joey’s condition, Terry advised the Boston native to take out the messy implants and to work on his muscle definition naturally. Despite Dr. Dubrow’s warning, Joey decided to have the tricep implants and only one of his bicep implants removed.

“It’s like living in a house that’s not completely built,” Joey explained to Dr. Dubrow before surgery. “This is only the stepping stone for me. I’m going somewhere, we need to do this now to get to where I’m headed.”

Joey might not have walked away with perfect arms, but he still felt happy and confident enough to show off his “guns” at a nude beach!

While Dr. Dubrow was busy with Joey, Dr. Nassif had his hands full with reconstructing a nose for Jessica. Per the new patient, after breaking her nose several times as a youth, her childhood ENT revealed she had a deviated septum and recommended her to a plastic surgeon.

After some chaos on the day of her surgery, Jessica woke up with a botched nose job. In fact, her nose turned so far to the right it was wrong! Jessica refused to let the surgeon rectify his mistake, as she rightfully didn’t want him “anywhere near it again.” However, as time went on, her nose only got worse and worse until it was “totally deformed.”

Due to the way the previous surgeon butchered Jessica’s nose, Dr. Nassif ruled there wasn’t a good way to fix the “empty nose syndrome” she was dealing with. Although it was within Paul’s skill set to make the nose more aesthetically pleasing, the procedure could make her breathing “even worse.”

Jessica chose to put her faith in Dr. Nassif and went ahead with the surgery. “I just want a normal nose,” Jessica admitted to the cameras. “I’ve been waiting 13 years for a normal nose.”

Thankfully, Dr. Nassif was on board to give Jessica the nose she prayed for and the work moved her loved ones to tears.

“In this moment I feel pure joy,” Jessica gushed. “The looks on their faces couldn’t be anymore more opposite than the looks that I received after my first surgery.”

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