Trump news: Google employees ‘discussed ways to alter search functions to counter Muslim travel ban’

Google employees discussed ways to alter search functions to counter Donald Trump ‘s controversial Muslim travel ban , it emerged last night. Staff at the search engine giant reportedly brainstormed how to show Google users how to contribute to pro-immigration organisations and contact lawmakers and government agencies, according to the Wall Street Journal . The […]

Scientists discover FAT dating back 558 million years that belonged to the earliest known animal on Earth

Scientists have discovered remnants of fat in an ancient fossil that belongs to the earliest confirmed animal. The fat, which was discovered by researchers from the Australian National University, dates back 558 million years, and belonged to a strange creature called Dickinsonia. Dickinsonia grew up to 1.4 metres in length and was oval shaped with […]

Why Instagram keeps crashing on your phone – and what to do about it

Life before Instagram was bleak: photographs weren’t filtered, people spoke to people they fancied rather than just liking their photos, and if we wanted to tell people what we were up we spoke to them in person. Thankfully all of that changed, but every now and then we are plunged back into those dark ages […]