Dad panics when daughter finds ‘bra’ which isn’t her mum’s in car – until they realise what’s really going on

They say children do the funniest things.

Sometimes it’s true, but on other occasions the things they do can land their parents in a lot of trouble.

That’s the case of one dad, who was almost in the dog house after his daughter found a funny item in his car.

The dad explained the situation on social media, and it’s just as awkward as you would expect.

He began by revealing how his four-year-old daughter surprised him and his wife by asking her mum why her bra was in dad’s car.

Father and daughter holding hands
The dad now knows where his daughter’s loyalties lie

The dad, who uses the Twitter handle @AngryManTV, was shocked by the comment and says the Mrs began giving him a “killer side eye” as she hadn’t been in his car in weeks.


The dad then said: “Ain’t no bra in my car.”

His daughter replied with: “Ya huh, the cup thingie with straps.”

Shocked, the three head to the garage to go and look for the offending item.

What they find is hilarious!

Instead of a bra, the family see a disposable face mask – the kind people use when working in environments where they are exposed to dust and other particles.

The dad shared a picture of the mask on Twitter , before posting a gif of a man looking relieved.

The ‘bra’ turned out to be a face mask

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The tweet has since had over 13,000 retweets and 24,000 likes.

People found the child’s mix-up hilarious, but many were quick to point out that the dad was in hot water where the youngster was concerned.

One user said: “The good thing is, you know where her loyalties lie. The bad thing is, it’s not with you. Keep your eyes on that one.”

Another wrote: “Lmaoooo this man saw his life flashing before his eyes, guaranteed her was already thinking ‘who on earth would frame/test me like this’ on the way to the garage.”

A third added: “Lmao I was mommy gang all the way as a child. My daddy couldn’t breathe wrong around me.”

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