Lingerie company creates lilo for large-breasted ladies – and women are going wild for it

It started as an April Fool’s joke.

But has quickly become a much-sought after item.

We’re talking of course about a blow-up lilo with breast holders for well-endowed women.

Laying on your front and enjoying the feel of the sun on your back has never been easier thanks to lingerie firm Bravissimo, who are selling the quirky beach accessory.

It features a large hole under the headrest which is intended to allow women to lie down comfortably as they float on the water.

The lilo comes with ‘cup holders’

The lilo began as a prank for April Fool’s Day, when the company told social media users that they had invented a beach bed with a hole in for women with big breasts.

Fans of the firm were disappointed to discover that it was just a joke.

A spokesman for Bravissimo told : “We had such a fantastic reaction to the April Fool’s that we thought we would see if it was possible to turn it around in time for summer.

It’s available now for £25

“We absolutely love that we can provide something for big-boobed women that isn’t available anywhere else, and we thought this would be a really fun thing to have for holidays!”

The pink lilo is available for £25 and features the words “cup holders, Bravissimo style”.

Bravissimo added that the lilo is already proving a hit with customers on social media.

The idea began as an April Fool’s joke

Bravissimo fans wanted the real thing

They said: “We’ve had a lot of pleased commenters so far, which makes us very happy.”

People on Facebook were loving the invention, with hundreds of comments so far.

Bex Nicholls said: “This is hilarious, much needed and a totally fab idea!!! Go Bravissimo!”

Regina Brown wrote: “Thank you for listening to us! Bravissimo forever!!!”

Lounging in the pool has never been so comfortable

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Similarly Marie Winkler commented: “This is so awesome!! Wish I lived closer to the beach so I could actually justify buying one.”

While Stacey Keeley suggested they “send one of these into the Love Island Villa” and Lara Leigh came up with their next product – a life jacked that’s “nice and tight” but “won’t crush the boobs”.

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