‘Period sex’ blankets are available to buy for your time of the month – but they’ll cost you a small fortune

There’s no medical reason as to why you can’t enjoy sex on your period, though the idea does make some people feel squeamish.

In fact, period sex could even mean your period ends sooner – providing you orgasm .

But even if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t see the problem with having sex during that time of the month, you may have noticed one drawback.

It can get messy.

However, would you shell out hundreds of pounds to avoid any mess?

If the answer is “yes”, then maybe the ‘period sex’ blanket is a worthy investment…

The brains at THINX have come up with an alternative to towels or sheets – a blanket that basically acts the same as period-proof underwear.

It’s highly absorbent

Think of it as a massive, re-usable sanitary pad for your bed. Or wherever it is you fancy having sex.

Machine-washable, the blanket will absorb leakages of any sort and doesn’t stain.

It’s not cheap

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Women’s health

Part of the thinking behind the blanket was to have it break the taboo of period sex, with THINX’s CEO saying it’s “totally natural” and that “orgasms release hormones that can sometimes help ease the pain of menstrual cramps”.

The downside is such pioneering products come at a price, and this one will set you back £277.

But it does genuinely look quite snug.

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