Why Instagram keeps crashing on your phone – and what to do about it

Life before Instagram was bleak: photographs weren’t filtered, people spoke to people they fancied rather than just liking their photos, and if we wanted to tell people what we were up we spoke to them in person.

Thankfully all of that changed, but every now and then we are plunged back into those dark ages when the Instagram app on your phone crashes, or totally closes down.

Joking and exaggeration aside, Instagram is an incredibly influential part of modern life, and if it does decide to crash for no apparent reason it can be a real inconvenience.

However, all is not lost and there are ways to fix it.

Why does Instagram crash and what can you stop it?

Why does Instagram crash?

Like all apps, Instagram is likely to break and crash at any moment. Sometimes it can be a problem with your login, particularly if you haven’t downloaded the newest version of the app, or updated the current one.

Instragram, like all apps, crashes sometimes

Sometimes an app will crash because your device has ran out of memory, or is too hot.

Your app might also crash because Instagram itself is having a problem.

How do you stop Instagram from crashing?

Often the best way to do deal with a problem is by preventing it from happening it the first place. Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent Instagram from crashing.

Clear some space

Phones generally are less efficient and cause many problems when they run out of memory.

A lack of memory can be the cause of Instagram crashing so checking out how much space you have is a great place to start.

If you are running low then it would be a good idea to delete any old pictures, songs and apps that you no longer need.

Be ruthless and your phone will benefit!


Just as we recommended with Snapchat and Facebook , sometimes the app just needs updating.

It is frustrating when Instagram has crashes

Go on your phone’s app store to see whether there is an update you haven’t downloaded yet as this can potentially solve the problem. Updates often deal with the bugs of older veersion.

Delete and reinstall

Deleting your Instagram app and then installing it again can often have the desired effect.

You can delete the app entirely by going into your app and uninstalling it, or holding down on it and placing it into the bin icon that appears.

Check for conflict with other apps

Sometimes a new app you have downloaded can come into conflict with the Instagram app.

There are many ways to solve the problem

Go and check what you have installed recently and see whether uninstalling them makes any difference.

Reset your device

If all else fails then you can reset your device, be it Android, iPhone or iPad.

However, it is important to note that this means that you will lose your apps and your information but you can back up or your device.

Fingers crosses that will do the trick!

Is the whole of Instagram down?

If Instagram is updating, having server issues or just changing then this can affect your app.

If this is the case just wait it out and once Instagram is back up and running then your app will be hunkydory.

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