Wizz Air’s new cabin bag policy means passengers will have to pay to take hand luggage on board

Wizz Air has unveiled a new cabin bag policy that could see passengers having to pay if they want to take their hand luggage on board.

The airline has changed its rules so that only Wizz Priority passengers can bring a piece of hand luggage into the cabin.

For all other passengers, you won’t be able to use the overhead lockers – so if your bag doesn’t fit under the seat, it’s going in the hold (free of charge).

That means if you want to guarantee your hand luggage comes with you, you’ll have to fork out for Wizz Priority which costs up to €10 more online, or even €25 if you opt in for the service at the airport.

The new policy has come into effect immediately, meaning if you’ve already booked a flight you’ll have to abide by the new rules (or cough up the extra cash).

Up until now, Wizz Air’s cabin bag policy had been extremely similar to that of Ryanair , in which only priority passengers were allowed to bring two bags with them on board.

In a bizarre twist, the airline had also recently changed the size of hand luggage allowance to larger bags of 55x40x23cm – but the maximum dimensions allowed under a seat are 40x30x18 cm, which makes the new size redundant for passengers who don’t want to pay for priority.

Wizz Air has claimed that the new rules are due to the “limited space on board” and a bid to “ensure a smooth boarding process” for passengers, but whether this does improve the process remains to be seen.

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Statement from Wizz Air:

“Wizz Air has amended its boarding procedure to ensure a smooth boarding process and better on-time performance, especially on flights with a high load factor.

“Every basic fare ticket includes free hand luggage, however due to the limited space onboard not all passengers’ hand luggage can fit in the cabin. With immediate effect, only passengers with Wizz Priority will be able to bring their hand luggage in the cabin.

“The hand luggage of passengers who have not purchased WIZZ Priority will be placed into the cargo hold compartment of the aircraft free of charge and can be collected at the baggage belt at the arrival airport.

“Passengers with hand luggage that can be placed under the seat (maximum dimensions of 40x30x18 cm) are still entitled to carry their hand luggage onboard. The aim of this measure is to minimize hand luggage related delays and increase customer satisfaction.

“The company’s strategy is to ensure keep the lowest fares possible for its customers while providing them with options to customize their travel and pay only for the services required. This allows maximum flexibility for our passengers while offering them genuinely low ticket pricing.

“This measure is being rolled out through our network but at this stage it is subject to boarding procedures at departing airports.”

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