Woman slammed for staging ‘ridiculous’ business class photo on plane to get Instagram likes

While many may grimace at the term ‘influencer’ , there’s no doubt that people will go to extraordinary lengths to get the perfect pic for social media.

From buying props to travelling across the world, those who want to increase their following will do just about anything for the ‘gram.

Recently one woman received death threats over a photo she posted on Instagram which was meant to reflect her perfect morning.

With a plate full of tortilla wraps passed off as crepes and various other staged pieces, the image went viral.

Now another picture is doing the same for a very similar reason.

Instagram star Harimao Lee has been slammed for sharing an over-the-top photo of a plane journey with her 127,000 followers.

The photographer travelled from Hong Kong to Rome with Cathay Pacific in a business class cabin and shared a picture of herself inside, sipping champagne and “stargazing” while draped in fairy lights.

People were quick to mock her for the image, which had very clearly been staged.

One user commented: “Ridiculous fairy lights aside, lady you are sitting on the business class seats BACKWARDS with your head inches away from the TV monitor…this is so staged!”

Another said: “I wonder how much time and effort was spent preparing this photo compared to actually looking out of the window. I’m not sure this is the best kind of advert for Cathay Pacific because it just looks a bit hollow, especially with the random fairy lights for no apparent reason.”

A third added: “Oh ffs love neck your plonk, go to sleep and decide the next day if you actually have a life.”

“Trying to bring back the romance and glamour of first class air travel? Amazing lengths one can go to to get ‘likes’,” posted a fourth.

Others branded the snap “cringe” and told her to “get a life”.

But not everyone was against the image, some people praised Harimao for her efforts to create a “fairytale” vibe.

“What a charming shot,” said one person.

“It’s so magical,” commented another.

“Damn this is epic,” wrote a third.

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So far Harimao’s post has been liked over 15,000 times.

And this isn’t the first time she has incorporated the lights in her photos.

She also wrapped herself in the lights for a shot while on holiday in Italy, taken while looking out at the coast and another taken at home in Hong Kong, while reading a book.

The influencer has also used various other props in her snaps, including brightly coloured balloons and umbrellas.

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